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White Christmas

Home for the holidays

In Flagstaff for two weeks, getting the chance to fall back into “the home life”, finally finish moving in (after 3 months!), and best of all, enjoying the gifts of this season with friends photogeeking out.

Kish Sisters in Sedona 12/16/12

Happy Holidays!

First Snow Storm

December 14, 2012 8 AM

Winter in the Grand Canyon is a subtle, soft, quiet time when one can truly enjoy solitude on the South Rim. Little bits of the Canyon are revealed with the blowing wind, opening a window into the abyss. Cliffrose, covered with a fresh layer of ...

Hermit's Rest and Lookout Studio~ 12/6/12

This week I was asked to create some images from these popular and historic viewpoints on the South Rim; designed by Mary Colter in the early 1930s. 

Smoke in Sapphire

Does smoke from prescribed burns affect hiking in the Canyon?

You tell me. 

Sapphire Canyon 11/12