Grand Canyon Life Coach : Pilot


Do you have trouble appreciating the little things in life? Do you feel like you could be a little more grateful? Does your life seem dull, seemingly worthless, and lacking in direction? Is it sometimes hard hard to realize the affects of your decisions or seeing that there are consequences to your actions? Do you crave simplicity in your life? Would you like to improve upon your self reliance, strengthen your body and mind, challenge yourself, and deepen your spirituality?
I once was a lackluster young woman, lost in her way, trying to find a place to call her own and hone her vision. I was lonely, distrusting of myself, feeling like nobody understood. I was literally living in a van down by the river.
After just a few years of walking (mostly alone) in Grand Canyon, I was magically transformed. The Canyon showed me I was worthy, made me grateful, gave me vision, and honed my body. The Canyon proved that I could make the impossible, possible. This place, the Grand Canyon, showed me that only my mind can hold me back.
Does this transformation sound to good to be true? What does it cost you ask? For only 3 pairs of shoes a year, all the bars you can choke down, and a backpack you too can experience the change that only the Grand Canyon can provide.
I encourage you to take the challenge, and let Grand Canyon be your LifeCoach too.

For more Grand Canyon LifeCoach stories, follow for weekly lessons on how the Grand Canyon can show YOU a thing or two as well!


Love the raw honesty...I have found the same experiences treking in Grand Canyon. I have special places I go to and decompress. Keep up the it....Doc Thomas
Diana Minton
Hi Kristen, I really enjoyed reading this, and I'd love to read more. I look forward to future blogs about how you started being a GC hiker and what it has taught you. Thanks Kristen!
Kevin Blair
Photographic Explorer is an intriguing notion of what must be a fascinating and rewarding career. I'm grateful to have discovered this page. Thank you.
Grand Canyon for me it is my favourite place where I could find the silence of my soul, the best place for meditation, the best place to discovered your self... I love this blessed place.

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