Idaho Wild Soak Trek 2017


 Wow once again what has started as a “little” hike has turned into an expedition (I wouldn’t want it any other way) and I have come up with my biggest photographic exploration yet!  This mission is about Idaho in all it’s Wildness. It’s about large undeveloped connected cores of Wild, Public Lands and Wild and Scenic Rivers in which people and animals can travel freely. My route is 800 miles total, along the Idaho Centennial Trail and also as part of the proposed Hot Springs Trail (a 2,421 mile journey in itself) and includes 200 miles by raft/packraft on Snake and Middle Salmon Rivers.  I can’t wait to be immersed, living the thru hike life, photographing the story of the expedition and all it’s partners, and all the landscapes and wildlife along the way.

Like all my other trips, I’ll be checking in nightly on FB, but this year I’ll also be posting Instagram posts from along the route to stay in touch!  

If your curiousity about this mission gets to you please check the details at:








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