2014 off to a fresh start

Off to a fresh start in 2014!
Spent the New Year out in the vast open desert, sand dunes, salt water,hoodoos, and starry skies
on assignment in Death Valley National Park, CA

It was really wonderful to go to another park to shoot, a rare but welcome change of pace.

The only thing I wasn’t used to was all the driving! Death Valley is just so immense, that it would be senseless

(and probably dangerous!) to try and walk too far in this harsh place. All the good stuff is just too far apart,

so having a hardy (high clearance) vehicle is key to getting to some of these remote locations.

 Devils Golf Course

 Mesquite Sand Dunes

 Hiker at Eureka Dunes

 Mineral Deposits at Salt Springs, near Furnace Creek

 Sand Mountain at the Eureka Dunes

 Ubehebe Crater

 Manly Beacon from Zabriskie Point

Solstice Poetry

To those who come to the desert with tolerance it gives friendliness; to those who come with courage it gives new strength of character. Those seeking relaxation find in its far horizons and secluded canyon release from the world of man made tensions. For those seeking beauty, the desert offers nature’s rarest artistry. This is the desert that has a deep and lasting fascination for men and women with a bit of poetry in their souls.”                                       Randall Henderson, On Desert Trails

 On the shortest day of the year, I offer a quiet and fleeting view from one of my favorite backcountry rim camps around, Cape Final on the North Rim.                              May you all find that bit of poetry in your souls during this holiday season.

Perspective, Tonto

A glimpse of the river within the Granite Gorge
I am reminded of the PERSPECTIVE the Tonto Trail lends. 
In the middle of it all, you can fly up and out, or sink ever deeper.