Photo of the week

I’ve been trying to build a new portfolio to showcase my Grand Canyon photos, but came to a quick halt when I realized 

that I don’t have a decent photo of the most popular/populated place in the Canyon, Phantom Ranch.

So, I went out and got one.  Does this mean I’ll finish that portfolio? Well, there are always more images to get before it’s perfect…..

that 'ole canyon just tugs at my heart

It’s hard to judge miles when you’re off trail in the Grand Canyon. All I know for sure is this trip just went so FAST, and every moment was simply perfect. One canyon led to another, one day into the next, a bottle of water at a time. The sun shone and warmed us, clouds blew over, and we moved down canyon, planning our route just one break at a time. The Grand Canyon can be extremely demanding, on your body and mind, but on this hike she really led me on and drew me in. I hope she always does. 

stormy solstice sunset

Three perspective photos from one view, on the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year, yes, but this storm sure packed a punch when the sun went down!