Upload from December 17, 2011Live only to entice people to look at natures beauty.” John Muir

Storms to the South- Hole in the Rock

Promotional Posters and Meet and Greet

After finishing my new website and creating this blog, I felt that I needed to do some major promotional work to let everyone know of my recent work.

Feeling inspired by a simple yet graphic design taken from an ad for Albert Watsons book, UFO, I got my creative juices going and had a lot of fun designing this series of posters.

Taking full advantage of the arts community here in Flagstaff AZ, I decided to hold a Meet and Greet in the front of my studio downtown for our monthly First Friday Artwalk. Gathered in front of me were my freshly printed posters (for sale $20), plenty of hiking maps, and other small trinkets that otherwise represent me. Behind me, a few of my favorite framed prints. 

I had a great time chatting with the regular attendants of the Artwalk, people I see downtown often, and meeting new art collectors and old desert rats.  I sold a few posters, handed out a pile of cards, met a bunch of new people, and talked a lot about the desert. In all, I considered the Meet and Greet a success, and hope to see a rise in views of my website, and if I’m lucky, a raise in sales as well!

Getting a Blog started is not as easy as it seems....

If you’re the type that learns computer programs slow, the type that gets a headache after staring at a screen for a few hours, the type like me. As I turn, frustrated and bleary eyed from my computer, I think about next week when I might find myself deep in the desert, far away from such things as blogging. 

I look forward to my next blog, I keep thinking the second one will just be so much easier. And, I already know what I’m going to write about! I just got back from a fantastic 20 day trip to Bandelier National Monument, and have a lot of shots and thoughts on this magnificent place.

Before I post that, I need to go configure the rest of my blog site, iron out all those wrinkles. I would be so happy if I could finish it up tonight, wish me luck!

Until then, I leave you with a few of my favorite images from my portfolio.