With and Within

There’s something about this place, the Grand Canyon. It’s in extremes, and you love it or you don’t. You never hear oh yeah, that place is OK. That’s because the people who love Grand Canyon see a little more inside. Something that pulls at them, down to the very core. We’ve fallen in love with, and within, fought hard, sweated, connected, fallen in, drug ourselves out, and begged for more. We’ve seen the beauty, felt the power, shook with joy, cried for mercy, and reaped unfathomable rewards that go far beyond the average hike or river trip. 
It’s something in the way the Grand Canyon overcomes you, brings you to your knees, challenges your every cell, your being, any philosophies you may have. The Grand Canyon has a way about putting you right in your place, truly question yourself and your actions, your life and just what you are doing on the search for what’s really important.

This one goes out to my comrades out there, near and far, that FEEL the Grand Canyon, deep in your bones. The community that is on a search for something more in a place you can never outgrow. We share a place to look for whatever might fill us. 

Paseo Wild II

 Paseo Wild: 4 adventure conservationists travel across the Grand Canyon along the path of a mountain lion, past springs and seeps sourced from ancient aquifers, spying endangered and endemic species, and clawing our way up rough routes and through locusts. What for? Tuning in to the Canyon, thinking bigger, in an attempt to connect these unique and necessary landscapes on a Grand scale: for healthier, more fluid migration for wildlife (and people too!)

Grand Canyon Wildlands Council and Wildlands Network

in Collaboration with Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter and Center for Biological Diversity

Good Advice

 As I prepare for my next Trek and a new route in Grand Canyon I remember the Tomasis words of advice~

Use the following incomplete list to intuitively justify aborting the trip to the obscure route or summit(s) of the day:
It’s too far, too scary, too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet, too windy, not enough sun block, not enough pro, not enough rope, not enough food, too much pro, too many ropes, too much food, stepped over/or on a rattlesnake and got totally freaked out, too many acacia, too many agave, too many manzanita, too many loose rocks, more acacia, more agave, more manzanita, the wildlife is harassing, the parkies are harassing us off itinerary, there’s cold beer at the boats, there’s cold beer at the ranch, there’s cold beer
at the rims, there are women in Flagstaff, the food brought is uninspiring, already climbed this summit, this compilation beta is fu(ked up, and finally, the Gore-Tex brothers are up there and they aren’t happy.”

Photos: © Kristen M. Caldon Photographer 2010

Model: Kelly Wagner