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Grand Canyon Life Coach : Pilot


Do you have trouble appreciating the little things in life? Do you feel like you could be a little more grateful? Does your life seem dull, seemingly worthless, and lacking in direction? Is it sometimes hard hard to realize the affects of ...

Perspective, Tonto

A glimpse of the river within the Granite Gorge
I am reminded of the PERSPECTIVE the Tonto Trail lends. 
In the middle of it all, you can fly up and out, or sink ever deeper.

Drama = Thick in the Air

This place matches my emotions

today more than ever

Yavapai Point 11.24.13

Rough Terrain


 Photo: House Rock Rapid and Rider Canyon

 South Canyon to Soap Canyon ~ Grand Canyon Hiking with Botanists Glenn Rink and Steve Till

In my efforts to complete a Grand Canyon Traverse I have never stumbled on such rough, unstable, scary terrain for so long a distance. Hiking this section in Marble Canyon ...

Grand Canyon Print Collection

This Collection of fine art prints has been selected for sale at all the Giftshops on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, as well as some locations in Tusayan, AZ. These fine prints are produced locally by project master Jason Hasenbank (formerly of Flagstaff Photography Center) and are ...

First Snow Storm

December 14, 2012 8 AM

Winter in the Grand Canyon is a subtle, soft, quiet time when one can truly enjoy solitude on the South Rim. Little bits of the Canyon are revealed with the blowing wind, opening a window into the abyss. Cliffrose, covered with a fresh layer of ...

Smoke in Sapphire

Does smoke from prescribed burns affect hiking in the Canyon?

You tell me. 

Sapphire Canyon 11/12

Grand Canyon Hiking~ Pt. Huitzil to Grandview 11/12

A 100+ mile hike, and this time with a friend! Puddle sucking, light chasing, and storm waving we maneuvered across the Tonto. 

2 weeks~ friends and random travels

Old friends visiting, and welcoming of a new friend on the South Rim, followed by a hike down to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon and back up again, moving to a new place in Flagstaff, and then a wonderful weekend on the Paria Plateau and North Rim ...

Swirling Storms and Dancing Light

11 days of magic in the Grand Canyon, recon on West Rim, and hiking cross canyon. Feeling the trail, sensing the geology, and tasting my sweat has never been so good. Although not necessarily depicted here, I had these wonderful human connections throughout my trip, staying at the bunkhouses and ...

freedom rises with the sun ~ from lipan point

Two panoramic views from Lipan Point on the East Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.  

6am 7.4.2012

Leaving from my South Rim home on the 4th of July, I stopped to say goodbye to the canyon on the way out.

What a sunrise! Seeing this view really made ...