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Basking in the Flow, and the Glow

 29 Mile Rapid in Grand Canyon National Park 

 Lower Owyhee Wild and Scenic River, OR

 Butte Creek, near Chico CA

The past few weeks have been full. FULL of adventure, new rivers and swollen creeks, shared laughter, a growing love, and glowing, deep and resonating light at every turn. Across ...

Trip Report: Tanner Trail to Tatahatso Wash ~ Grand Canyon


 In the 15 months since my last solo hike (Toroweap to Pearce), I had nearly forgotten why I go out into the Grand Canyon and walk by myself. There is just a very certain and distinct quality to the experience held by the solo hiker in Grand Canyons Backcountry,  an ...

Separation Anxiety

 Every summer, there becomes a point when the Canyon is just too hot for lil ole me, and I run to the mountains to cool off.

I did a great job of doing just that this year, I’ve pretty much just returned from 2 back to back river trips in Idaho ...

These are the places we hang out

 Where the light is reflected, and the rocks glow. Where the redwall is the reddest and the shade is the deepest. Where the canyon wren sings and cliff rose blooms. 

 Somewhere between where everything drops out below you, and a jagged skyline closes in above you. Where ...

Grand Canyoneering: Garden and Pipe Creeks

Shiva Saddle

One of my most favorite places on Earth

Big Cloud Blessings

Grand Canyon National Park  8/14

The Invitation

  It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living
I want to know what you ache for
and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.

It doesn’t interest me how old you are
I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool ...

Return from the River

Just returned from my 25 day river trip through the Grand Canyon. Still processing; the experience, the feelings, the photos, the lessons. Making the transition back to the rim world. As time passes the river washes everything downstream and I am left with the knowledge of “place” above all things. 

Solstice Poetry

To those who come to the desert with tolerance it gives friendliness; to those who come with courage it gives new strength of character. Those seeking relaxation find in its far horizons and secluded canyon release from the world of man made tensions. For those seeking beauty, the desert offers ...

3 Strikes on Plateau Point

Last week I had my yearly cross canyon hike, and as I baked in the sun, sweated out the humidity, moving slowly along the trails, soaking all the sights in. I watched the storms move in and out every afternoon, building each day, winds would pick up and swirling clouds ...

Grand Canyon Hiking~ Confluence and Little Nankoweap to Boulder Canyon 02/13

Check out these photos!

Grand Canyon Hiking~ South Bass to Tiyo Point 10/12

Grand Canyon Hiking

S. Bass to Tiyo



In a lot of ways, I think a hike is never set until you have that permit in your hand. I had spent a lot of time putting this route together, trying to prepare for what laid ahead. Route descriptions had to ...

White Christmas

Hermit's Rest and Lookout Studio~ 12/6/12

This week I was asked to create some images from these popular and historic viewpoints on the South Rim; designed by Mary Colter in the early 1930s. 

Fall Oak at Grandview Point 10/26/12

On assignment at South Rim:

Late afternoon at Grandview Point, there’s a definite chill in the air and a slight breeze, making my eyes water a bit. The oaks, just past their peak of color, are catching the days last sunrays and leading my eye beyond, into the canyon where the ...