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Grand Canyon Life Coach : #2 The Give and Take


The Grand Canyon gives nothing so easily. Some could tell you that it has taken too much. In this land of extremes, one MUST learn the grace of balance,perseverance, and patience. 
The draw of this place ...

Grand Canyon Life Coach : Pilot


Do you have trouble appreciating the little things in life? Do you feel like you could be a little more grateful? Does your life seem dull, seemingly worthless, and lacking in direction? Is it sometimes hard hard to realize the affects of ...

Borderlands Envisioned

 This is how I see our international border. As a geological line not a fence, just desert and canyons, mountains, wildlife corridors, flowing into one another.  

Perspective, Tonto

A glimpse of the river within the Granite Gorge
I am reminded of the PERSPECTIVE the Tonto Trail lends. 
In the middle of it all, you can fly up and out, or sink ever deeper.

Rough Terrain


 Photo: House Rock Rapid and Rider Canyon

 South Canyon to Soap Canyon ~ Grand Canyon Hiking with Botanists Glenn Rink and Steve Till

In my efforts to complete a Grand Canyon Traverse I have never stumbled on such rough, unstable, scary terrain for so long a distance. Hiking this section in Marble Canyon ...

Sierra High Route, Trip Report 9/2013

Big Island Hawaii March and April 2013

Grand Canyon Hiking~ Confluence and Little Nankoweap to Boulder Canyon 02/13

Check out these photos!

Grand Canyon Hiking~ South Bass to Tiyo Point 10/12

Grand Canyon Hiking

S. Bass to Tiyo



In a lot of ways, I think a hike is never set until you have that permit in your hand. I had spent a lot of time putting this route together, trying to prepare for what laid ahead. Route descriptions had to ...

Home for the holidays

In Flagstaff for two weeks, getting the chance to fall back into “the home life”, finally finish moving in (after 3 months!), and best of all, enjoying the gifts of this season with friends photogeeking out.

Kish Sisters in Sedona 12/16/12

Happy Holidays!

Grand Canyon Hiking~ Pt. Huitzil to Grandview 11/12

A 100+ mile hike, and this time with a friend! Puddle sucking, light chasing, and storm waving we maneuvered across the Tonto. 

Swirling Storms and Dancing Light

11 days of magic in the Grand Canyon, recon on West Rim, and hiking cross canyon. Feeling the trail, sensing the geology, and tasting my sweat has never been so good. Although not necessarily depicted here, I had these wonderful human connections throughout my trip, staying at the bunkhouses and ...