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1st tbt!

 While preparing for a submission to a local travel agency, I found these “oldies but goodies” from Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. 

Fresh Snow, fresh year

 2015 started with a rare and very beautiful snow event, which blanketed the Grand Canyon with snow all the way down to the Colorado River, 4500 feet below

Minaret Lake sunrise

 Inyo National Forest, C

This is the very first patch of real, raw alpine landscape after the (relatively) low slog through the Mammoth area for the north bound Sierra High Route hiker.

Sierra High Route, CA

Talus for days, John Muirs Cousin (twice removed), glowing fire clouds, freezing swims.


All in a day on the Sierra High Route


Return from the River

Just returned from my 25 day river trip through the Grand Canyon. Still processing; the experience, the feelings, the photos, the lessons. Making the transition back to the rim world. As time passes the river washes everything downstream and I am left with the knowledge of “place” above all things. 

Solstice Poetry

To those who come to the desert with tolerance it gives friendliness; to those who come with courage it gives new strength of character. Those seeking relaxation find in its far horizons and secluded canyon release from the world of man made tensions. For those seeking beauty, the desert offers ...

Perspective, Tonto

A glimpse of the river within the Granite Gorge
I am reminded of the PERSPECTIVE the Tonto Trail lends. 
In the middle of it all, you can fly up and out, or sink ever deeper.

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If your eyes could speak what would they say?

               If your eyes could speak

                what would they say?

3 Strikes on Plateau Point

Last week I had my yearly cross canyon hike, and as I baked in the sun, sweated out the humidity, moving slowly along the trails, soaking all the sights in. I watched the storms move in and out every afternoon, building each day, winds would pick up and swirling clouds ...