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Grand Canyon Life Coach : #2 The Give and Take


The Grand Canyon gives nothing so easily. Some could tell you that it has taken too much. In this land of extremes, one MUST learn the grace of balance,perseverance, and patience. 
The draw of this place ...

Arizona Swimming Holes

Summer is here, and what’s better than going to a favorite splash spot to cool off?

Where is your favorite swimming hole? 

Swirling Storms and Dancing Light

11 days of magic in the Grand Canyon, recon on West Rim, and hiking cross canyon. Feeling the trail, sensing the geology, and tasting my sweat has never been so good. Although not necessarily depicted here, I had these wonderful human connections throughout my trip, staying at the bunkhouses and ...

freedom rises with the sun ~ from lipan point

Two panoramic views from Lipan Point on the East Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.  

6am 7.4.2012

Leaving from my South Rim home on the 4th of July, I stopped to say goodbye to the canyon on the way out.

What a sunrise! Seeing this view really made ...

In celebration of clouds

 Desert View 6.25.12

This weekends breezes brought in a few monsoon clouds, the first of any detail in the sky for two months!

A true reason to celebrate!   

 Papago Point 6.24.12