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1st tbt!

 While preparing for a submission to a local travel agency, I found these “oldies but goodies” from Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. 

2014 off to a fresh start

Off to a fresh start in 2014!
Spent the New Year out in the vast open desert, sand dunes, salt water,hoodoos, and starry skies
on assignment in Death Valley National Park, CA

It was really wonderful to go to another park to shoot, a rare but welcome change ...

3 Strikes on Plateau Point

Last week I had my yearly cross canyon hike, and as I baked in the sun, sweated out the humidity, moving slowly along the trails, soaking all the sights in. I watched the storms move in and out every afternoon, building each day, winds would pick up and swirling clouds ...

White Christmas

Home for the holidays

In Flagstaff for two weeks, getting the chance to fall back into “the home life”, finally finish moving in (after 3 months!), and best of all, enjoying the gifts of this season with friends photogeeking out.

Kish Sisters in Sedona 12/16/12

Happy Holidays!

Hermit's Rest and Lookout Studio~ 12/6/12

This week I was asked to create some images from these popular and historic viewpoints on the South Rim; designed by Mary Colter in the early 1930s. 

2 weeks~ friends and random travels

Old friends visiting, and welcoming of a new friend on the South Rim, followed by a hike down to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon and back up again, moving to a new place in Flagstaff, and then a wonderful weekend on the Paria Plateau and North Rim ...

Photo of the week

I’ve been trying to build a new portfolio to showcase my Grand Canyon photos, but came to a quick halt when I realized 

that I don’t have a decent photo of the most popular/populated place in the Canyon, Phantom Ranch.

So, I went out and got one.  Does this mean I’ll ...

stormy solstice sunset

Three perspective photos from one view, on the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year, yes, but this storm sure packed a punch when the sun went down!